Probate and Trust sales

Probate and Trust Real Estate Services

Our probate and trust real estate services help attorneys, executors, trustees and licensed fiduciaries with disposition of real property. We have experience with the special processes involved during probate administration and provide confidential and professional on-site services.

Sale of Probate and Trust Real Estate

We specialize in sale of condos, single family homes, apartment complexes, and land held by estates in probate and trusts throughout the Bay Area.

Inventory, Clean-Out and Repair

Estate administrators often need assistance with taking inventory of personal property.  We provide complete cataloging services, including photographs and assistance with obtaining expert valuations when appropriate.  During this process we will also work with families and administrators to identify items that may be donated, sold or discarded as the property is cleaned.  If required, we can arrange for licensed contractors to make any repairs needed prior to distribution to heirs or sale.

Broker Price Opinion (BPO)

Broker Price Opinion services are available for all types of residential properties, from condos to multi-family apartment complexes.  If required by the estate administrator, probate referee or probate court, we can also arrange for a licensed real estate appraiser to provide a more detailed valuation of real property.

Probate Real Estate Services For Rental Properties

We provide temporary property management services for rental properties held in probate prior to sale or distribution.  If the estate administrator chooses to manage the property themselves, we provide “a la carte” services to assist with leasing, dealing with problem tenants, and other time-consuming issues.

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Home Seller Services

We provide comprehensive home seller services –  listing your home for sale, marketing the property effectively and negotiating the best possible price and terms of sale.

Market Evaluation.  Understanding local market conditions is the first step in positioning your property for a successful sale.  We’ll start by looking at your city and neighborhood to assess current trends, sales activity and other factors affecting value.  We’ll then look at your property to determine its position in the market in terms of potential asking price, demand and available marketing strategies.

Preparation.  We’ll work within your budget and schedule to help prepare your property for the market.  In addition to making recommendations for any changes or upgrades that would add value or make the property easier to sell, we’ll advise you on tests and inspections that you may want to have done prior to placing the property on the market.  We’ll also help you assemble a file containing all the paperwork that buyers often request, such as required legal disclosure forms, deeds, building permits, construction plans/blueprints, remodel records, warranty documents, recent tax and utility bills, and any available test and inspection reports.

Marketing Plan.  We’ll create and execute a marketing plan that focuses on three of the most important factors that contribute to a successful sale:

  1. Marketing Message.  We’ll craft a marketing campaign that highlights the positive features of your property and explains the benefits of ownership.
  2. Multi-Channel Advertising.  In addition to listing the property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), we’ll utilize all available traditional and non-traditional advertising media to reach buyers most likely to have an interest in your property.
  3. Strategic Sales Management.  Frequent assessment and improvement of the marketing plan keeps it fresh and “on the radar” of potential buyers.

Tough Negotiating.  Regardless of the level of demand for your property, we’ll look for opportunities to gain negotiating leverage and obtain the best possible price and terms of sale.

Home sellers, please Contact Us for great service, tough negotiating and bottom line results.

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